Joliette 2015-2016

Hello everyone,

The events that have forced us to cancel the February match are not yet completely settled.
It is with great disappointment that I announce that the rest of the 2015-2016 season must be canceled as well.
We should be back next fall ...

Thank you for your understanding.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Serge Dionne

IPSC Range Officer Course Beauport - RO

For People who are interested to take the RO course for IPSC.
INSCRIPTION : Pascal Sicotte 514-238-1287 courriel :

12-13 MARS 2016, 9H00 – 16H00 at Club de Tir Beauport

Click here for details

MIC 2016

Here is the RO Schedule. 2016 Horaire RO CIM MIC

MIC 2016 Stages

Practiscore - CTM - Montreal Indoor Challenge 2016 - Results

Election Results

Election Results  December 19, 2015 - Quebec IPSC Association

As President and Section Coordinator:  
  Simon Gerbeau Votes Received: 145  
  Guy Gauthier Votes Received: 161 Elected president for 2 years.


Vice Presidents positions:
  Jean Boisvert Votes Received: 175 Elected vice president for 1 year.
  Stéphane Ratté Votes Received: 217 Elected vice president for 2 years.
  Phillipe Proulx  Votes Received: 131


As secretary:
  Louis Gaudreau Votes Received: 157 Elected secretary for two years.
  Serge Dionne Votes Received: 148  


  1. The counting of votes was done on December 19th at CTM by the election of officers, Walter Pereyma and Dan Girouard.
  2. The counting was public and all present had the opportunity to see the current process without interference.
  3. The following people viewed, participated in the accuracy and impartiality of the tabulating process at the time: Pierre Fortier, Claude Croisetière  and Russell Braken.

Conclusion and statistics

  • 546 ballots were sent to members.  Of these 303 were returned in sealed envelopes and 7 were unsealed giving a total of 310 returned.  Participation was 57%.
  • 92 ballots were checked only one box instead of two for the selection of vice-presidents.
  • The cost of elections for stationery and stamps was $2,238.07.

Congratulations to all the members and candidates for their participation.

Walter Pereyma and Dan Girouard, election officers

IPSC Range Officer Course - RO

For People who are interested to take the RO course for IPSC, please let Lizie know, she is taking the names and will probably set up a course for January. If we provide this course, it will span on two days (a weekend). Tel: 514-635-4867

Chris Tilley will be in Montreal for the MIC2016

He will provide two IPSC courses prior the MIC and if you participate, you could be squadded with him during the match !


Multi time National Champion, Top International shooter & Team INFINITY member will be in Montreal for the MIC2016.

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IPSC Québec - Elections

Dear members,

We have the honor and great pleasure to announce an important IPSC matter:

Association IPSC Québec is launching elections for 4 positions to the Board of Directors, namely President (section coordinator), two Vice-Presidents and Secretary.

All members will shortly be invited to vote for candidates they feel most capable to manage our Association’s destiny.  Accordingly, please find attached three (3) documents we invite you to read:

a)   Document Elections_Fr-En.pdf is a notice to all members with membership current and in good standing order;

b)   Document Candidats_Fr-En.pdf is a call for candidates interested to run for one of BOD’s open positions; and

c)   Document Procedures_Fr-En.pdf details the procedures et time table governing the process starting immediately.

Should you have any questions, we first invite you to discuss with your respective Club Representatives, they are well of the highlights of the process.  Otherwise you may contact the 2 elections officers appointed to manage the process.

Your election officers:

Water Pereyma ( & Dan Girouard (

For Sale - STI .40

Gun & 5 mags $2500

STI 40 cal with Caspian slide and brand new barrel in excellent condition.
There are 5 mags that are included with gun.

Price $2,500

Call Mike Lakhoyan


IPSC Shooting Course with Jean-Philippe Drolet and Nikitas Markessinis

CRAFM and CTM are proud to announce that Grand Master shooters Nikitas Markessinis and Jean-Philippe Drolet from Team Infinity will be giving a back-to-back IPSC Level 1 and Level II course here at CTM on Saturday and Sunday October 17th and 18th 2015. Both courses will be from 8am to 5pm including an hour for lunch and will be limited to 8 shooters. This is a great opportunity for all shooters at any level to improve their shooting and to learn from two of the most accomplished shooters in all of Canada. 

Click here for details

2015 Match - Fondation Rêves d'Enfants


For the 6th time, IPSC League of the Capital will make a match to benefit the Children's Wish Foundation. (Invitation)

The match will take place October 24, 2015 at the Club de Tir les Castors de Charlesbourg.

We are looking for donationations of prizes for the raffle, so if you, your club or your company wants to put something on the table, I ask you to email me . These people will be greatly thanked.  Obviously, the more prizes, more people will buy tickets and we will recover a large amount that will do good to the children who need it .

Thank you

Classification Changes as of 2015-09-28

OCS - October 5, 2015 at CTM

The Montreal Shooting Club (CTM) crew would like to invite you to participate to a OCS match on monday NIGHT the 5th of october before the beginning of the season 2015-2016.

There will be 4 OCS classification stages that will allow to be classified.  This is the minimum number of stages requirement to get a classification if you didn't shoot any level III this year. Stages will be CLC-51, OCS-13, OCS-RB2 and OCS-RB3.  Click the link to see the stage setups

Registration fees will be 20$ per shooter per division.  It will be possible to shoot in more than one division but the maximum will be 2 divisions.  So if you register in two divisions, registration fees will be 40$. You will need at least 35 rounds per division for the match.

Those 4 stages are short courses, so there will be 3 squads, 7:00PM 7:50PM and 8:40PM. As we shoot in the evening, there will be only 30 spots available.

Registration will start at 9:00AM on monday the 28th of september by phone only at 514-635-4867.

Hurry up, first come, first serve.

2015 Quebec Provincials

This years provincials was a complete success!

Click on the links for Pictures and videos -> Banquet / Sponsors / Stage Videos

 Here are the results - Match / Stages



From: "" <>
Date: September 8, 2015 at 1:53:30 PM GMT-4
To: Walter Pereyma <>
Subject: Re: Quebec Provincial Results


Thanks again for helping get us through. The match staff was amazing and the officials were some of the best I've met in Canada. 

If you need sponsorship for future matches, please let me or Glenda know. 

Best regards,

Jason Koon
Atlanta Arms

Classification changes

IPSC Quebec Provincial Championship 2015

IPSC shooters Quebec.

I am preparing the construction team of the Provincial Internship IPSC Championship Québec 2015 on the Valcartier military base at CTRVAL club. In principle the construction should start Tuesday, September 1, 9:00 am and the match will begin Friday, September 4th.

If you are an enthusiastic handyman, and available please let me know as I will prepare a schedule accordingly. Note that you will be registered on my list to pass the Range control.

As always, the match will compensate for your service rendered.

I need 4 to 6 people per day to complete the team already includes

- Sylvain Raymond

- Jean Boisvert

- Cosimo Varacalli

- Guy Gauthier

- Antoine Bertrand

- Miguel Gagnon

Designers internships this year, each with a Range of 4 stages 60 bullets

- Jean Boisvert, Austere A

- Stephan Ratte, Austere B

- Antoine Bertrand, Charlie Range

The courses will be published as soon as sanctioned Level III.

For information visit

Also, there will be some preparatory work was done in previous weekends, I will know helpers from the Quebec City region that offer.

Looking forward to working with you to build this level III match that promises technical and in Canadian territory.

Guy Gauthier


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