I quit the role of Section Coordinator


We have completed all the necessary forms to file for the Level III Quebec Provincials and are ready to send them.

However, some Club Reps decided that Miguel was going to make a better match. For this reason, I have to leave this match.

I do not deny that I am unhappy about the situation but I believe in democracy. However, I do not intend to get involved in this match. So all those to whom I proposed things, asked Miguel if he agrees.

For the same reason, I am resigning from my position as Section Coordinator. Clubs Reps will find a replacement until the election this fall. At that time it is likely that I represent myself .

Meanwhile, I 'll take care of that League games of the capital. To find info visit the website ipscquebec.org

Thank you

Simon Gerbeau

Force Majeure at St-Tite

Following a case of force majeure in St-Tite, the ground under the floor collapsed. We must move the match from St-Tite to St-Jacques on May 23 and 24.

Pascal is very pleased to welcome the league x-treme, So the St-Jacques match will be the first of the 7 matchs for x-treme 2015.

No need to change the letters of invitation, as that of St-Jacques is available at IPSC Quebec.

The cost is $30.00, to be confirmed when the dinner is included. Pascal Beaulieu will take care of registration beaulieu_pascal@hotmail.com on Monday before the match.

The squads are 9:00am and 1:00pm Saturday, May 23 and 09:00am and 1:00pm Sunday, May 24.

IPSC World Champion Eric Grauffel

6x IPSC World Champion Eric Grauffel is coming to Canada again. He will be giving IPSC courses in Ontario, at the Silverdale Gun Club this July. If you have a goal set for your competition performance, here’s the most cost effective way you can get closer to achieving that goal. Learn from the best shooter that has ever participated in this sport.

Courses will run at the Silverdale Gun Club in the lovely Niagara Peninsula, the heart of Ontario’s Wine Country. 

Click here for details

Annual Active Membership Sticker

Effective January 26th 2015 we will no longer be sending stickers as in the past years.  Upon receipt of your renewal, you will receive an email confirmation and the new access code to the results and members files.  Your classification will be shown in the member file. 

Classification Updates

The Classes will be updated shortly showing the new class from the OCS system.


MIC 2015

Stage layouts are now available for MIC 2015 

Stages / Squad List / Request for Match Officials / Worker List

Friday squad starts 2:00pm
Saturday & Sunday morning squads start 7:30am
Saturday & Sunday afternoon squads start 1:00pm

The 2014 shooting year is coming to an end

The year 2014 is already coming to an end. This means that 2015 will begin and you must renew your membership with IPSC Quebec. The form is available here IPSC Quebec Membership Form 2015

We fonctionons with stamps, letters and checks. We are not equipped to accept credit cards, EMT or gold bullion.
I advise you not to wait too long to send your forms to the following two reasons:

  1. It is not possible to send OCS results for a person who is not a member
  2. From 16 January 2015 it will cost $ 10 more

It is compulsory to be a member of his section (IPSC Quebec) to shoot IPSC competitions.
Shooters Junior (under 21 on 1 January 2015) must send the form even if it's free.
New Black Badge who took the course in September, October, November or December will not have to send in a form, you are already a member for 2015.
Again, this task will be accomplished by two pillars of IPSC Quebec. Pierre Caron and Walter Pereyma will spend several hours to keep our members up to date list. We can say thank you by legibly on the form.
Thank you
Simon Gerbeau

Children Wish Foundation 2015

Hello fellow shooters.

For a fifth consecutive year, the IPSC Capital League and many team mates have organized an IPSC competition to benefit the Children's Wish Foundation. Again, thanking the generosity of participants and sponsors for making this event a success. We raised an amount of $2,400.00 by registrations, donations made by shooters who could not be present, selling raffle tickets and an impromptu auction..

Since all companies, Clubs, Leagues and people gave their free gifts, 100% of revenues go to the foundation. I want to thank Jean Boisvert who presented the biggest price for the kit reloading. Also, without a place to shoot, it is difficult to organize a competition. So thank you to the Castors Shooting Club of Charlesbourg who lent us their fantastic facilities for free.

Hoping that this tradition continues, I say thank you!

Simon Gerbeau 

News - 2014.10.05

Two participants from the Granby match where recorded in the wrong division. The revised score sheets have been posted on the results page. The revised scores are the ones that will count for the OCS classifications.

The group from Club de Tir Sartigan en Beauce invite you to their first match on Sunday. This is an outdoor club. The cost will be $25 and lunch is free. François Lessard is the match director and the FQT has sanctioned the match (127-14). There are two sceduled squads, one at 9:00am and the other at 11:00am.

I would like to thank Normand Hauver who is leaving the post of Granbys club representantive. Although he is leaving as rep, he is continuing to shoot and participate in the sport. Thank you Normand for your excellent work. Philippe Proulx will be taking his place as rep. Welcome Philippe.

2014 Quebec Provincial WINNERS

2014 Quebec Provincial WINNERS




Top Dominique Mathieu Top Jeremie  Dancause Top Antoine Leclerc
2nd   Randy Guerzon 2nd   Alexandre Berdat 2nd    Peter Doehl
3rd Shane Melless 3rd Eugene Kuleshov 3rd Roy Falcon
A –  Randy  Guerzon A –  Jeremie Dancause D –  Louis Strach
B –  Shane Melless 2nd Eugene Kuleshov 2nd Guy Tardif
C –  Serge Gerard 3rd  Sylvain Caron 3rd D   Mario Beland
D –      Francis Boisvert        
    B –  Alexandre Berdat  Top Senior – Guy Tardif
Top Senior – Greg Guerzon 2nd Paul Sarantis    
    3rd Pascal Beaulieu    


Top  J-P Drolet C –  MarcFerland    
2nd    William  Smyth Jr 2nd AlexFischer     
3rd Pascal  Sicotte 3rd C   Yannick Girard    
A –   Anatoli Korobkin D –   Allan Jalbert-Corbin    
B –   Olivier Masson Lefebvre 2nd D  Martin Theberge    
2nd B   Egor Boyarskih 3rd D   Antoine Bertrand    
3rd B   Sylvain Lagrange 4th D   Felix Scantland    
C –  Alex Sorger 5th D   Yvon  Vigneault    
2nd Pierre Parent        
3rd C Daniel  Ladouceur Top Senior – Pierre Fortier    
D – Jonathan Machado        
2nd D Dan Girouard Top Lady Overall - Francine Isabelle    
3rd D Eric Leclerc        
Top Senior – Anatoli Korobkin Top Super Senior Overall – Pierre Caron    

Provincial Results

 Provincial results are now posted. Check out the results page.

Horaire des Range Officer

Hotel Suggestion for Quebec Provincials

Pour ceux qui ont l'intention de dormir dans la Vieille Capitale. On peut s'informer en allant au

For those people who have the intentions of booking a hotel room in the Capital.  You can check out their web site here 

Quebec Provincial News

Hello there 
The Provincial Team is very happy with your response. So far we will have more than 100 shooters. For those who intend to make the match but who are still not registered, you have to send your forms by Monday at a costs of $100. After Monday, it will cost you $120. 
The match will be sanctioned by the Quebec Federation of Shooting. For those who are not a member, you must obtain a permit to transport. The address for the base is RTA CFB Valcartier, 596 Building, PO Box 1000 Stn. Forces Courcelette QC, G0A 4Z0.  Google coordinates for the main gates are 46.884637 N, 71.489292 W.  Once inside it will take about 15 mins to get to the ranges, there will be signs posted to direct you there.

We are looking at whether it is possible to get a discount on hotel rooms. Whenever there is news, we will contact you.

2014 Quebec Provincials

The 2014 Québec provincials is officialy a level III match. See the link at www.IPSC.org

This year it will be hosted by the shooting club located in the Valcartier military base in Valcartier, near Quebec City. 

The form to register for the Provincial 2014 is now available. (Registration / Invitation / Exemption) When sending the form, attach the exemption.

Walter will take care of registrations. Please fill in the forms legibly. 
The match is sanctioned level 3 with 12 stages and 207 rounds. It will be held on August 29-30-31 CFB Valcartier near Quebec City. We will be moving to the left, right, back and front. 
The match lasts three days. However, the shooter will complete its 12 stages in one day. On the form, you should write your first and second choice. Ideally, over Friday should be for those who can not make the Saturday or Sunday. 
Also on Saturday and Sunday there are two squads. the first will begin at 9:00 and the second will begin at 11:00. The 11:00 should be for those who live far from Quebec. 
On Sunday evening we will have a banquet on the base at the Warrant Officers Mess . There will be a meal with table service, the presentation of trophies and prizes for the volunteers. The banquet is free for registered shooters. 
We're going to need a lot of help for construction. If you volunteer to work on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday before the match, email me. For those who need it, accommodations on the base will be provided. Of course we will also provide you with the diner.
Pascal Sicotte is the Range Master. He will organize the match officials. If you want to RO please email him at Sicotte.Pascal@hydro.qc.ca
The stage designs will not be published before the match. If you want to see them before hand, just come and help build the match.


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