2016 - Stéphan Ratté


Québec le 15  novembre 2015,

Association IPSC Québec

Object : Presentation

Dear friends,

I practice IPSC since 2009 and I participate to most of the competitions troughout Quebec during the year. I am involved actively in the x-treme league that happens during the summer in all fields (design, registration, settings, ROing, stats, etc.) and in the Provincials for the past two years.

The main reason that motivates my candidacy as vice-president, in the new association, is to contribute to the advancement of IPSC in Quebec.

The objectives I intend to pursuit as vice-president are :

  • contribute to the growth and the popularity of the sport
  • support the development of formations for shooters
  • improve the classification system
  • support the shooting clubs in the practice of IPSC
  • be a représentative of the shooting community inside the association
  • rally the needs of all the actors in the sport to make it grow
  • reduce the internal frictions and improve communication
  • put forward processes that takes in consideration the needs of all
  • adopt a transparent administrative accounting

In order to go forward, I need your support and your vote in the election.

You can always count on me to represent you and I will make myself available and accessible on the subjects related to IPSC.


Stéphan Ratté