2018 - Election Notice

November 14th, 2018.

Association IPSC Québec

Election Notice & Call for Candidates

Dear Association IPSC Québec members

The call for candidates for positions arriving to term at the Board of directors of Association IPSC Québec ended on Monday November the 12th.  This is to share the 2018 Campaign results.

  1. For the position of Treasurer, the only application received was from the outgoing Treasurer, Walter Peyrema.
    His application meets all conditions set forth in the October 21, 2018, correspondence titled Election notice & Call for candidates.
    The absence of other applications waives the need to run an election for that position. Walter Peyrema is confirmed as the Association’s Treasurer for a new mandate of two years.
  2. For the position of Vice-president, we received two applications. The names of the two candidates are Yves Bertrand and Lizie-Anne Perron. Their applications meets all conditions set forth in the October 21, 2018 correspondence titled Election notice & Call for candidates. Following the acceptance of these two applications, we will have an election.

All the details regarding the election process will be communicated later. From now on, the candidates can start their campaigns for the election from the December 1st to December 17th.

As per the Association’s Statutes and Regulations, members will be asked to endorse the above results at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.  Until then and on behalf of all members, congratulations to Walter for the new mandate, and good luck to our candidates for the position of Vice-president.


Your election officers:
Yves St-Laurent y.stlaurent@hotmail.com
William Chartrand wchartrand@live.ca