2018 - Election Notice & Call for Candidates

Sunday Octobre 21th of 2018

Association IPSC Québec

Election Notice & Call for Candidates

Dear IPSC Quebec members,

1.   Two Board of Director positions are coming to term.  These are:

  • One of the Vice-President position, currently filled by Jean Boisvert, a 2 year mandate; and
  • The Treasurer position, currently filled by Walter Pereyma, a 2 year mandate.

2.   We are now accepting candidates for these positions until November 12th 2018.  Details of the election timeline are provided below.  Additional information will follow at each step.

  • Oct 21 – Nov 12 Election notice & call for candidates;
  • Nov 12 – Nov 30 Candidates campaign, publicity, etc.; and
  • Dec 1 – Dec 17 Electronic voting for all members in good standing.

3.   For interested candidates - To be considered and eligible application by the election officers, the candidates:

  • Must be a member in good standing (membership of the current year paid) for at least the last three years without interruption;
  • Must have the knowledge and the skills sufficient to discharge the responsibilities of the position (minutes, financial statements, project management, communications, etc.);
  • Must provide evidence of support by two other members in good standing;
  • Must produce an application notice indicating their identity and position sought;
  • Must provide a presentation letter and state their vision to the members.  The letter will be posted on the website;
  • Must submit application within prescribed timeline;
  • Must be exempt of any disciplinary sanction from the Association; and
  • Must be exempt of any criminal conviction or outstanding charge.

Roles and responsibilities of each open position can be found in the Statutes and Regulations.  Questions concerning the elections must be addressed to the election officers.

Your election officers:
Yves St-Laurent y.stlaurent@hotmail.com
William Chartrand wchartrand@live.ca