Connection troubles

Happy New Year everyone!
Lots of health, wealth, and happiness to you and your families and of course double-alphas!.

Some people have reported difficulties with connecting to this site recently.  I have done system checks and maintenance and verified that all is working as it should from the web server side.  Recently we have added a SSL security sertificate to make your connection from your web browser to the web server secure.  For some devices this may have created some problems.  Here are some things to try that might help fix the problem.

  1. Flush the DNS cache
  2. Clear your browsers data cache
  3. Delete the existing cookies
  4. Delete any exiting shortcuts
  5. Type the address directly into the address bar

To connect to the secure site, type =>

To connect using the unsecure site, type =>

Once you have sucessfully gotten onto the site you can make a new shortcut.

Tom Sorger