2020 IPSC Canada Handgun Nationals

JUL 28 - AUG 2,2020

Presented by the Ontario practical shooting league.

General registration will open Saturday, March 7 at 8pm EST
Those wishing to participate in the match must submit the entry form and payment must be made via EMT within 24 hours.

The Barrie Gun Club
3619 County Road 40
RR#2 Springwater, Ontario
L4M 4S4

CIM 2020 MIC

Division Winners

    Open     Standard     Classic
1. Antoine Bertrand 1. Remi Ducett 1. Yves St.Laurent
2. Will Smith Jr. 2. Mike Burrell 2.

2020 Nationals - Applicants

NROI LogoOn behalf of Alex Szakacs Match Director for the 2020 IPSC Canadian Nationals We are looking for Applicants to work in the capacity of CRO and ROs for the Main match.


Arrival  Monday - July 27
Pre-Match - July 28
Main match – July 29 to August 1
Banquet & shoot off/rain day – August 2


Income / Expense for Nationals 2019

Dear IPSC Competitor,

We would like to Thank You for your support for the 2019 IPSC Canadian Nationals and because of your support with this historic event held at the Val-Cartier Military Base in Quebec for the first time in the history of IPSC in Canada was the largest attended Nationals in Canada.

The support of all the IPSC Sections in Canada, along with IPSC Canada & NROI Canada were paramount for us to be able to hold the Nationals in Quebec for the first time and make it the success it was.

IPSC Quebec President 2020

Good morning all 

As you know, we were elected for the position of president and the two candidacies that we had received meet the criteria provided by IPSC Quebec. 

The voting ended on December 22, 2019 at 11:59 p.m., you will find attached a copy of the results (PDF file). 64.8% of the members voted and therefore the ballot fulfilled the standard asking that more than 50% of the members must vote. 

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