Info Letter - October 2020

Dear IPSC Quebec member,

It was a great pleasure to see so many IPSC Quebec members showing their support to the CCFR on September 12 in Ottawa – Thank you!!  This makes us very proud.

We must stand UNITED!

The Quebec Provincials where a great success, with challenging stages, amazing planning and logistics on short notice under the present circumstances.

Info letter - June 2020

Dear IPSC QC Members,

We hope that you and your families are staying healthy and safe during these unprecedented times.

A few words to keep you posted

IPSC Quebec is looking at upgrading our website to better reflect IPSC Quebec.

The IPSC Quebec Board of Directors have decided to approach our membership base in order to receive
suggestions, a quotation along with a quick presentation for the website they propose

Once we have heard from the interested parties we will be advising them of what we are looking for and they can put forward a quote to reflect the needs of IPSC QC


The registration date for the Quebec Provincials will now be June 14,2020 at 10:00
There’s a very strong possibility that the number of competitors will have to be reduced and no banquet will be held and consequently the match fee will also be reduced by the cost of the banquet
We are looking at alternatives for the banquet and prize ceremony and will be keeping you posted


The Board of Directors of IPSC Quebec have decided to donate $2000 to the CCFR in order to support them with the legal battle against the draconian decision that directly impacts our sport by our undemocratic Liberal government
There’s no better time than to vote ONLY Conservative – all other political parties support the ban


No decision has yet been made in regards to the 2020 IPSC Nationals – it can be moved to the end of September, maybe the end of October or completely cancelled
We will be posting any new information on our website once a decision has been made.


Here are the new guidelines for future IPSC matches (Guidelines)

Scrap the gun ban and buyback

Dear Supporter,
We all want a safer Canada, but spending millions to take guns from licenced gun owners isn’t a good plan and it’s wrong for the government to do it without a vote in Parliament. That’s why we need your help to stop it.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unilaterally banned 1,500 types of legally owned guns and is planning to spend $200 million of taxpayer money on a gun buyback program that won’t prevent gun crime.
The CBC reports that up to 99 per cent of guns used in crimes come from the U.S. illegally. The criminals who use these smuggled guns aren’t about to turn themselves in to the police for Trudeau’s buyback program.  
If the prime minister wants to stop gun crime, he could strengthen border security to prevent the inflow of illegal guns or hire more police officers. But spending $200 million to take guns from licenced gun owners isn’t a good policy and he was wrong to do it without a vote in Parliament.
We need your help to stop this policy that will cost taxpayers money and won’t make Canada safer. PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION: Scrap the gun ban and buyback
Thanks for your support!

  • Jasmine, Todd, Shannon and the entire CTF team

PS: Unlike politicians, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation can’t just hike taxes to finance itself. We rely solely on donations from people like you. Help us keep going. Please consider chipping in via our secure website at:

We must be united in the face of the present crisis

Quebec LogoMembers of IPSC Quebec,

We need you. We must stand united in the face of the present draconian decision by our Mr.Justin Trudeau
On May 1, Justin Trudeau banned over 1,500 common firearms models that were previously non-restricted or restricted firearms. We have all heard of the Nova Scotia tragedy, committed by a known violent offender without a PAL and using illegally obtained firearms. Justin Trudeau found excuses to steal your property by banning firearms
Are you looking for a meaningful way to make a difference? We have it.
Here's how:

  1. There are 2 important petitions to fill

    Parliamentary Petition E-2574

    Parliamentary Petition E-2576
  2. Become a membership in the Conservative Party of Canada. With only about 50,000 current members, this provides a glimpse of how influential Canadian gun owners could be. IF WE GET INVOLVED. The one-year membership, including the RIGHT TO VOTE FOR THE NEXT LEADER of the CCP and future Prime Minister, is only $ 15 for a single year of membership.

    That's it for having a say in your future. This is the first step to recover your property from an abusive government.
    There are only 8 days left before the DEADLINE for May 14 to vote.
  3. Membership of the CCFR ( and join the action group
  4. Membership of the NFA

All together, we can make a difference.

2020 IPSC Canada Handgun Nationals

JUL 28 - AUG 2,2020

Presented by the Ontario practical shooting league.

General registration will open Saturday, March 7 at 8pm EST
Those wishing to participate in the match must submit the entry form and payment must be made via EMT within 24 hours.

The Barrie Gun Club
3619 County Road 40
RR#2 Springwater, Ontario
L4M 4S4

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