March 2020

IPSC Black Badge

A successful IPSC Black Badge is a prerequisite to participate in the shooting competitions known as IPSC in Quebec, Canada or around the world. The IPSC "Black Badge" training is a two-day duration course that combines; Explanations of the methods of shooting, safe handling, IPSC regulations, written exams, dry and real fire exercises. Students will learn the safe handling of a loaded gun from a holster, reloading in motion, IPSC commands and much, much more. Essentially, the course focuses on safe handling in a dynamic, fast-paced environment of an IPSC match. It's not "just a holster course".


Hello members ! We would like to let you know our views about the safety around our IPSC shooting sport, and, by the way, assuring its longevity. All alarming situations will be analized, one by one, by your Board of Directors to find solutions and resolve any issues.


IPSC is the acronym for the International Practical Shooting Confederation. IPSC is a dynamic shooting sport where the principles of Accuracy, Speed and Power are balanced in a unique scoring system. IPSC has defined Action Shooting. It requires competitors to shoot fast and accurately, often shooting on the move and developing techniques and styles to shave off fractions of a second between shots, during reloads and drawing from the holster.