IPSC Black Badge

IPSC Black Badge Course

(International Practical Shooting Confederation)

A successful IPSC Black Badge is a prerequisite to participate in the shooting competitions known as IPSC in Quebec, Canada or around the world.

The IPSC "Black Badge" training is a two-day duration course that combines; Explanations of the methods of shooting, safe handling, IPSC regulations, written exams, dry and real fire exercises. Students will learn the safe handling of a loaded gun from a holster, reloading in motion, IPSC commands and much, much more. Essentially, the course focuses on safe handling in a dynamic, fast-paced environment of an IPSC match.

It's not "just a holster course".

The Black Badge training takes place on a variable schedule.

The instructors accumulate a bank of candidates and then organize training.

Once the student has successfully completed the training, he / she will be allowed to join IPSC Québec and participate in sanctioned IPSC games. (See the procedure to follow)

The candidate will have a maximum of one year to complete 2 competitions without being disqualified, otherwise a resumption of certain parts of the training and the related fees will be required.


The training covers the history, regulations, techniques and practical application of these basic principles allowing you to participate in IPSC competitions.
Since security is always the main objective of the course, you will learn how to:

  • Effectively maintain your handgun.
  • Remove from a holster, a table.
  • Change magazines.
  • Resolve the different starting positions (back to targets, empty weapons).
  • Shooting targets from various positions: kneeling, standing.
  • Shoot with one hand (strong hand and weak hand).
  • Shoot around barricades and small or large openings.

The training ends with a practical examination.

This mini-match of 3 or 4 "Stages" is scheduled for the end of the afternoon of the last day of the course. To familiarize yourself, the process will be identical to a regular IPSC game from recording, shooting, to dismantling. You must complete the courses without disqualification to complete the training.


  • You must be able to make a good grouping at a distance of about 15 meters, with a powerful weapon (9mm minimum) whose operation you know well.
  • Have adequate equipment. The case must hide the trigger when the weapon is inserted and retain the weapon when moving.
  • Have a minimum of four (4) loaders (semi automatic) or speed laoder (revolver) and 3 belt loaders for these.
  • Allow 500 balls for the two days of training.
  • You will need to complete and pass the theoretical part as well as the written examination based on the IPSC regulations book. All will be sent 10 days before the training.

Process to follow

  • You will need to complete and pass the theoretical part as well as the written examination based on the IPSC regulations book. All will be sent 10 days before the training.
  • You will have to complete and succeed in the practical part where safety is paramount.
  • After these two steps, you will receive your membership card from the IPSC Québec Association, renewable at the beginning of each year and a yellow card.
  • You will have one year thereafter to enter and complete two (2) competitions without disqualification, you will have to sign your yellow card by the match manager or a CRO of each match which will confirm the success of your course.
  • Finally, all you have to do is send your completed yellow card to the address indicated to receive your insignia bearing your name and IPSC member number, as well as a certificate of success.

Here is the registration form: Blackbadge


If you have any questions or concerns about Black Badge training, please do not hesitate to contact the Training Coordinator, your club representative or a Board member. The training coordinator will have a list of qualified instructors and possible future course dates and visit www.ipscquebec.org.