Classification rules effective 2016

Rule Changes

  1. The Ontario IPSC classification as of December 31st 2015, and the Canadian National results act as the basis for the new classification system. Members who are not classified as of December 31st and have their BB are classified "D". The others are classified as "U".
  2. Classification Rule Change
    a) For classes G,M,A,B, the best result of the following :
    - The best result of a level III match held in Canada according to the IPSC rules (pondered to 50%) and the average results of the best 4 level II matches adjusted  shot in Quebec (pondered to 50%)
    - The average results of the best 2 level III matches shot in Canada (100%)
    - The result of the National (100%)
    b) For classes C, D:
    - The average of the best 4 level II matches adjusted shot in Quebec (100%)
    N: It is not possible to go to higher classes without shooting a level III match
  3. The Classification Changes will be calculated (YTD results file) and posted periodically on the IPSC Quebec Site.
  4. An adjustment to the classification will be done automatically on the 31st of December and only the shooters that have been active during the year will be subject to an upward change in classification.
  5. Rules for the selection of the provincial team members that will compete in the National; The best result of the 2 previous calendar years at the Provincial in a division (pondered to 50%) with the year end classification of the shooters in the same division prior to the National (pondered to 50%).



  • The classification indicates the percentage and the ranking according to the IPSC rules.


  • A shooter has an Active status when he participates and completes at least 4 level II matches in Québec or at least 2 level III matches in Canada.

Current Classification Percentage

 ICS / Current System

Grand Master

95 -100%


85 – 94.99%


75 – 84.99%


60 – 74.99%


40 – 59.99%


0 – 39.99%

Team Eligibility

  • Having competed in the division and obtained a result at the Provincial in the 2 previous calendar years before the National;
  • Being an active shooter in the division the year before the National (4 level II matches in Quebec or 2 level III matches in Canada);
  • Having a Quebec Black Badge ;
  • Being a valid member of IPSC Quebec ;